Sunday, 29 March 2020

Future’s Mask On Campaign: COVID19 Reponse

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In the Fight against COVID19, the World seem to short in supply of medical equipments of which has been one of the major challenge for both medical professionals and patients.

In response to this, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, known professionally as future has embarked on a MaskOn campaign. The American Rapper and songwriter has through his foundation(FreeWish foundation) promised to supply Medical Mask to aid the citizens of Atlanta. Working in Collaboration with Atlanta Sewing Style, a community of over 500 sewists and designers, he has promised to deliver this mask to aid medical professionals and patients tackle the virus.

In an Interview with the foundation, Tia-Wilburn Anderson future’s brother and co-founder of the foundation said “ it is important to my brother, future and I that we serve our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year. This is why our family created this foundation”

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo’s response to COVID19

With the increase in Confirmed cases of the Corona Virus in Nigeria, the former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has Donated his former residence at Presidential Hiltop, Abeokuta, Ogun State as Isolation Centre for Victims of the COVID19.

The 32- room facility has been handed to the Ogun State Government with a standby Generator to be used as soon as possible. The former Nigerian President in his statement also asked all who can assist Nigeria to fight this global Pandemic to do so.

On Friday, 28th March 2020 the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 5 new cases in Nigeria, making a total of 70 cases.
So far Across the World, more than 400,000 people have tested Positive to the Virus and over 15,000 have been reported dead.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

A Grateful Heart, A Magnet for Miracles

Ever Wondered what it Means to be Grateful?

To be Grateful is to be Warmly or Deeply Appreciative of Kindness or Benefits received. It also means to be Thankful or Obliged. Psychologically, Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. People feel and express Gratitude in multiple ways. With this Psychological research one can't help but think of or try to Understand the Miracles associated with a Grateful Heart. Learning to practice Gratitude is one of life's most valuable lessons. Aristotle said '' all virtues have Value and the virtue of Gratitude helps to increase feelings of satisfaction with our lives and keeps us from falling into the excess of a greedy or entitled frame of mind ''

Distracted by the Challenges of our today's World and many more.... The big question might be How Can I Be/Stay Grateful? Here are some helpful resources on your Journey of Gratitude.
1. Express Yourself

2. Look out for things to be Grateful for in the face of Adversity

3. Spend time with Loved Ones

4. Keep a Gratitude Journal

5. Don't be Picky; Appreciate Everything

Friday, 13 March 2020


Did you know 11% of people are left handed...
Did you know August has the highest percentage of births... And that's my month.
Did you know unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste itπŸ˜‹
Did you know the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes... Really
Did you know a bear has 42 teeth
Did you know an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain
Did you contain more sugar than strawberries
Did you know 8% of people have an extra rib
Did you know 85% of plant life is found in the ocean
Did you know Ralph Lauren's original name was Ralph Lifshitz
Did you know the Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters
Did you know 'Topolino' is the name for Mickey Mouse Italy
Did you know lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020


Like so many others, John Pemberton, an Atlanta Pharmacy got inspired by his curiosity.

One afternoon, he stirred up a fragnant (caramel-coloured liquid) after which he took it to to his friend Mr Jacob, who lived some steps away. There at Jacob's Pharmacy, the mixture was combined with carbonated water and sampled by Customers who all agreed this new drink was something special. Under Jacob's Pharmacy the drink was sold for five cent a glass.

Later Frank Robinson, Pembertons bookkeeper named the mixture Coca-Cola and wrote it out in his distinctive script.

Up to date, Coca-Cola is written the same way in every bottle. John Pemberton sold 9 glasses each day for the first year. A century later, the Coca-Cola company has sold more than ten billion gallons of syrup. Between 1888 - 1891, Atlanta business typhoon Asa Briggs Candler secured right to the business for a total of about $2,300. He later became Coca-Cola's first president and brought the real vision of business to the brand.

Most of all, Coca-Cola was the first soft drink in Space.


Did you know that........

The hash tag sign is technically called  ''Octothorpe''

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the "octo-" prefix refers to the eight points on the popular symbol, but the "thorpe" remains a mystery. One theory claims that it comes from the Old English word for "village," based on the idea that the symbol looks like a village surrounded by eight fields!


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